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Burning Seed

Burning Seed is an annual Australian regional Burning Man event.


Burning Seed is an annual gathering that enables it's participants a trans-formative experience. Emanating out of place and living outside the pattern of the traditional festivals and events is an experience of gift giving and encouraging participation on all levels for building permanent and transitional communities from a wide variety of cultural lifestyles deeply rooted in Art projects.

Dedicated to the creative arts, community, radical self-expression and radical self reliance. The community exists and grows through communal effort, is commercial free, reliant on the participation of community members to achieve its needs, goals and dreams.

The experience of positive interaction and ‘Radical Inclusion’ grows through the existence of 'Gifting' referred to by some as a ‘Gift Economy’.

Burning Seed is a direct extension to the core principles of Burning Man as defined by the Ten Principles and the wider philosophy of The Burning Man Project.

Every member of the community is strongly encouraged to participate! Participation and immersion in the event allows for connections to form and grow and for community to flourish.

Website: www.burningseed.com

Facebook: Burning Seed Facebook Group 

main effigy 2010

The first main Effigy in 2010
Design & Concept by: Matt 
McKumsky and Christian Patton