modifyre burn circle

Photo by: Megan Keene

Modifyre is Queensland & Northern New South Wales annual regional event held around July.


Modifyre is an event inspired by Burning Man USA and it's 10 principles, conducted by the Non-Profit Association BURN Art Inc.

The objects of of BURN Arts, Inc. are:​

*  to organise, develop and promote:
    - an annual arts, music and cultural festival which is inclusive, accepting and safe; and
    - other related events promoting self-expression, identity and understanding;
*  to act as a vehicle for the creation and propagation of participatory, interactive, thought-provoking art works and events;
*  to develop and support workshops and training activities for artists and volunteers;
*  to support community-based fundraising events to further the development of the objects of the association;
*  to foster a culture of critical thinking and social activism;
*  to conduct all its activities in an environmentally sustainable manner;
*  to adhere to the 10 principles of Burning Man; and
*  to foster the Burning Man community in Brisbane and regional Queensland

A year-round community dedicated to art, self-expression, and self-reliance. It is an immersive experience created by its participants - individuals and groups just like you - for the benefit of other participants. So it really is up to you!

Unlike many events, Modifyre is not created by a production company as a passive experience sold to consumers. To this end, there are no corporate sponsors, no stalls, no exchange of money, and NO SPECTATORS. There’s you, me, and our imaginations. There are also no prerequisites for participation in this experiment; anyone may be a part of Modifyre.

Currently one of three such regional events held annually in Australia, it is built around a core philosophy derived from that of the Burning Man festival, which takes place each year in the desert of northern Nevada. This philosophy is reflected in a series of key concepts that guide the event and the community.


Once a year we create a temporary village built on a gift economy, fuelled by communal effort, lit with radical thinking, and filled with participatory art, theme camps, performance, workshops, music and, of course, fire. At the heart of this village is The Bug, pollinating the seeds of our imagination. When the Bug burns these seeds are spread far and wide, helping creativity blossom wherever they land. When we leave, we dismantle and take the village with us, upholding our commitment to Leave No Trace wherever we go.


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Modifyre The Butterfly Designed by Sean Sugrue 2015

The Butterfly, Designed by Sean Sugrue 2015