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Burning Man Australia was formed around 2001 as a collaboration between the Burning Man Project and the first Australian Burning Man regional contact Robin Macpherson.

Its primary purpose is to help local Burners connect with each other, while bringing Burning Man principles and culture into their local communities. This is achieved by providing support to the Burning Man Organisation's regions in Australia, their Regional Contacts and participating communities.


The mission of Burning Man Australia is to facilitate the discussion, expression and manifestation of Burning Man philosophies and principles.


About The Burning Man Organisation

Burning Man is a network of people inspired by the values reflected in the Ten Principles and united in the pursuit of a more creative and connected existence in the world. Throughout the year we work to build Black Rock City, home of the largest annual Burning Man gathering, and nurture the distinctive culture emerging from that experience. The hub of this global network is the 501(c)(3) non-profit Burning Man Project, headquartered in San Francisco, California.

The primary purpose of The Burning Man Organisation is to uphold and manifest the values described in the Ten Principles of Burning Man, specifically:

      1. Radical Inclusion

      2. Gifting

      3. Decommodification

      4. Radical Self-reliance

      5. Radical Self-expression

      6. Communal Effort

      7. Civic Responsibility

      8. Leaving No Trace

      9. Participation

      10. Immediacy

“Burning Man” is understood as referring to a way of life, as distinct to an event, lived consistently with these Ten Principles.

The Burning Man Organisation provides infrastructural tools and frameworks that will allow people to apply the Ten Principles in many communities and spheres of endeavor.


Mission and Vision of The Burning Man Organisation


The mission of the Burning Man organisation is to facilitate and extend the culture that has issued from the Burning Man event into a larger world.


The Burning Man organisation will bring experiences to people in grand, awe-inspiring and joyful ways that lift the human spirit, address social problems and inspire a sense of culture, community and cultural engagement.


 Australian Burning Man Regional Contacts

The following 12 regional contacts have been appointed by the The Burning Man Organisation to cover the Australian footprint for the Burning Man region.

  • Robin Macpherson (A Human) - Cairns (TNQ)

  • Richard Martin (King Richard) - Cairns (TNQ)

  • Carol McHugh - Brisbane (QLD)

  • Phil Smart (Sherpa) - Newcastle (NSW)

  • Jarred Taylor (Jay Man) - Sydney (NSW)

  • Neil Power (Neillo) - Sydney (NSW)

  • Mark Von Behrens (Bear) - Canberra (ACT)

  • Jodi York - Melbourne (VIC)

  • Justin Mcghee (The Captain) - Melbourne (VIC)

  • David Wright (Monkey) - Adelaide (SA)

  • David Cake (Strange Dave) - Perth (WA)

  • Frank Mitchellle - Perth (WA)


Burning Seed

Burning Seed 2012

2010 Burning Seed - Bellingen NSW

Burning Seed has emerged in to become an annual Australian regional Burning Man event.

It was the first seed to sprout and in doing so it has been recognised by the Burning Man Project as an officially approved event through the support of the Australian regional representatives and the Burning Man Project's regional events staff & committee.

Dedicated to the creative arts, community, radical self-expression and radical self reliance. The community exists and grows through communal effort, is commercial free, reliant on the participation of community members to achieve its needs, goals and dreams.

The experience of positive interaction and ‘Radical Inclusion’ grows through the existence of 'Gifting' referred to by some as a ‘Gift Economy’.

Burning Seed is a direct extension to the core principles of Burning Man as defined by the Ten Principles and the wider philosophy of Burning Man.

Every member of the community is strongly encouraged to participate! Participation and immersion in the event allows for connections to form and grow and for community to flourish.


Blazing Swan

Blazing Swan

 Blazing Swan Effigy

Blazing Swan has emerged in recent years to become an annual regional Burning Man event for Western Australia.

Blazing Swan Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation, run by a volunteer committee of burners that have been to Burning Man, America, several times and have also been closely involved in setting up and organising regional burns in South Africa (AfrikaBurn) and the east coast of Australia (Burning Seed). The committee is supported in its work by a large number of volunteers.

A collective of people that have been inspired by the Burning Man Festival in Nevada, USA, to create Burning Man style events here in Perth, Western Australia.


"to organise, develop and promote; an arts, music, and cultural festival which is inclusive, accepting, and safe, as well as other related events promoting self expression, identity and understanding."

The objects of the Blazing Swan Association are to:

  •     organise, develop and promote:

(i) an annual arts, music, and cultural festival which is inclusive, accepting, and safe;

(ii) other related events promoting self expression, identity and understanding;

  •     foster and create new art projects in Western Australia;

  •     develop and support workshops and training activities;

  •     support and develop community based fundraising events to further the Association’s objects;

  •     train volunteers to facilitate the Association’s objects; and

  •     conduct the Association’s activities in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Your West Australian regional Burning Man organisation.



Modifyre The Butterfly Designed by Sean Sugrue 2015

The Butterfly, Designed by Sean Sugrue 2015

Modifyre Modifyre is Queensland & Northern New South Wales annual regional event.

A year-round community dedicated to art, self-expression, and self-reliance. It is an immersive experience created by its participants - individuals and groups just like you - for the benefit of other participants. So it really is up to you!

Unlike many events, Modifyre is not created by a production company as a passive experience sold to consumers. To this end, there are no corporate sponsors, no stalls, no exchange of money, and NO SPECTATORS. There’s you, me, and our imaginations. There are also no prerequisites for participation in this experiment; anyone may be a part of Modifyre.

Currently one of three such regional events held annually in Australia, it is built around a core philosophy derived from that of the Burning Man festival, which takes place each year in the desert of northern Nevada. This philosophy is reflected in a series of key concepts that guide the event and the community.


Once a year we create a temporary village built on a gift economy, fuelled by communal effort, lit with radical thinking, and filled with participatory art, theme camps, performance, workshops, music and, of course, fire. At the heart of this village is The Bug, pollinating the seeds of our imagination. When the Bug burns these seeds are spread far and wide, helping creativity blossom wherever they land. When we leave, we dismantle and take the village with us, upholding our commitment to Leave No Trace wherever we go.


Burners Without Borders


Burners Without Borders Presentation

Every summer Burning Man participants (aka Burners) meet in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada to re-engage with our community, and to celebrate shared values of radical self-expression and self-reliance. We celebrate the power of community, honor the importance of art, and enjoy the immediacy of experience. Then we leave - without a trace of our having been there.

But that experience and those values don't get left behind in the desert. They inform who we are, and how we interact with the larger world around us. Burners Without Borders (BWB) is a manifestation of what can happen when we take our values off the playa and out into the rest of the world.


Burners Without Borders (BWB) coalesced from a spontaneous, collective instinct to meet gaping needs where existing societal systems were clearly failing...

Following the 2005 Burning Man event, several participants headed south into the Hurricane Katrina disaster area to help people rebuild their devastated communities. As the volunteer numbers grew, they focused their initial efforts on rebuilding a destroyed Vietnamese temple in Biloxi, Mississippi. After several months, that job done, they moved to another needy Mississippi community, Pearlington, to continue to work hard -- gifting their time -- to help those in need. Over the course of eight months, BWB volunteers gifted over $1 million dollars worth of reconstruction and debris removal to the residents of Mississippi.

Since that time, BWB has emerged as a community led, grassroots group that addresses gaping needs where existing cultural and societal systems are failing.

2010 burning seed site

The Sun is Shining on Burning Seed 2010 - Bellingen NSW