This Facebook group is for people interested in the Burning Man movement and related activities in Victoria, Australia. It was created to enable you to meet people; share information, ideas and resources; ask questions and help create, shape and support Burning Man in Victoria; and Victorians in Burning Man. 

The group will be conducted in accordance with the Burning Man Principles which are:

Radical Inclusion
Radical Self-Reliance
Radical Self-expression
Communal Effort
Civic Responsibility 
Leave No Trace (unless you can contribute a sustainable, synergistic, and symbiotic one)


If you have a project outside of Burning Man events that you are contributing to and you would like to invite the Burning Man community to participate you may post information in here but please limit yourself to a single post/thread per project and keep it to projects that reflect the Burner values. This is not a group for self promotional/commercial spam or poilitcal groups/promotion. Repetitive posts for non Burner activities will be removed and group members that continue to spam the group will be removed as well.

Let the burning begin!