• Coco Poco Loco is a not for profit organization promoting performance and art.It is a renegade bar that pops up here and there, uninvited, in festival campgrounds (at home and abroad) to provide free drinks and entertainment for your partying pleasure - by now many of you know the drill. For the rest, we look forward to seeing you at our next carefully considered bout of mayhem!
    to behave indecently, irreverently. To make your Mum blush. To love you so much that you can't help but join in
    You may have spotted us at:

    Rainbow Serpent Festival
    Tim Fuller's Wake
    Various LAB Warehouse parties
    Burning Seed Australia
    Burning Man USA
    Ashram Galactica
    Shine On Festival '10 and '11
    LAB vs Coco Poco Loco NYE Carnivale! 
    NYE - Where the Wild Things Are!
    The Cover Up - A Costume Party 
    Wide Open Spaces Festival
    Eclipse 2012