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Every summer Burning Man participants (aka Burners) meet in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada to re-engage with our community, and to celebrate shared values of radical self-expression and self-reliance. We celebrate the power of community, honor the importance of art, and enjoy the immediacy of experience. Then we leave - without a trace of our having been there.

But that experience and those values don't get left behind in the desert. They inform who we are, and how we interact with the larger world around us. Burners Without Borders (BWB) is a manifestation of what can happen when we take our values off the playa and out into the rest of the world.


Burners Without Borders (BWB) coalesced from a spontaneous, collective instinct to meet gaping needs where existing societal systems were clearly failing...

Following the 2005 Burning Man event, several participants headed south into the Hurricane Katrina disaster area to help people rebuild their devastated communities. As the volunteer numbers grew, they focused their initial efforts on rebuilding a destroyed Vietnamese temple in Biloxi, Mississippi. After several months, that job done, they moved to another needy Mississippi community, Pearlington, to continue to work hard -- gifting their time -- to help those in need. Over the course of eight months, BWB volunteers gifted over $1 million dollars worth of reconstruction and debris removal to the residents of Mississippi.

Since that time, BWB has emerged as a community led, grassroots group that addresses gaping needs where existing cultural and societal systems are failing.

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BWB promotes activities around the globe that support a community's inherent capacity to thrive by encouraging innovative approaches to long term disaster relief and grassroots initiatives that make a positive impact.

Burners Without Boarders 

Burners Without Borders Mission 

We are happy to take this awesome initiative to Australia.

So come up with your creative project as a solution to circumstances that we can improve by adding our burner energy and take the ten principles and other values into your local community.

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