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There are Burners in all parts of Australia,check out the states


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There are Burners in all parts of Australia,check out the states

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Burning Man has been a collaborative endeavor,

bringing together people with different backgrounds, interests, outlooks and skills.

Today, this growing community is served by a vibrant network connecting individuals,

communities, events and organizations worldwide.




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Meet some Burners

Burning Man Australia

Burning Man Australia, Red Earth City and Burning Seed

1) Burning Man Australia is a space to facilitate the discussion, expression and manifestation of Burning Man philosophies and principles.

2) Red Earth City is a national organisationformed by the Red Earth City Pty Ltd company. 

The organisation connects the BMA space with the default world, Enabling the Australian footprint of the Burning Man Project.

Red Earth City Pty Ltd ABN 72 141 969 226 is a Private Proprietorship Company, registered federally with ASIC and incorporated with a Constitution.

The original Constitution was changed, by the founding members, so it can be conducted in a 'Not For Profit' way, allowing it to pursue its purposes that uphold Burning Man principles and the aspiration's of the Burning Man Project.

3) Burning Seed is an Australian Regional Gathering.


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