Monthly Meet and Greet

every Second Wednesday of the month

nexup elixar robert gamage

Painting By Robert Kingsley Gammage

Calling all Nexers - Dexers - Burners

We are inviting the communities of Arts Nexus, Dex and Burning Man to a monthly meet and greet at the Elixir Tapas Bar every Second Wednesday of the month

If you fancy rubbing shoulders with working artistes, funky musicians and creative techno geeks with a beer, wine or Chai in your hand, join us. Be part of a discussion around the latest in Art, Technology and Creativity in Tropical North Queensland

5:30-7:30PM - $20 for Beer and Wine package with yummy food included

or pay as you go

Stay around for the Open Night of Local Talent


This is a page for people interested in the Burning Man movement and related activities in the Cairns and Tropical North area. Our vision is to create a mecca for arts and community projects. 

We hope to accomplish the following:

- Create a flourishing self-organized community promoting self-expression, acceptance, responsibility, respect and fun.
- Help local burners to meet each other and network
- Provide a medium that facilitates the development of burner events

If you are keen on all or any of these things, please join our group. There are many good times to come!!!